The Belgian Parti Populaire (member with UKIP, Debout la France!, the Sweden Democrats and other parties of the ADDE – Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe – in liquidation), has investigated the reasons why the Bureau of the European parliament has unilaterally decided to strongly curtail the European funding to the ADDE.

With the active participation and after reporting by the committee rapporteur in charge of financing the European parties and foundations, Mrs Ulrike Lunacek (MEP Green party – Austria), the European parliament bureau has decided in December 2016, to drastically limit the ADDE funding (33% of the initial grant, with a bank guarantee on first demand). The Bureau declared that their decision was based on a report delivered by the consulting firm Ernst & Young regarding the “going concern” of the ADDE at the end of 2016.
The Secretary General of ADDE, Yasmine Dehaene was therefore very surprised to discover at a meeting with the consultants in charge at Ernst & Young, on April 13th, 2017, that Ernst & Young had never investigated the accounts of the Alliance for 2016.

The Ernst & Young senior consultant declared (audiotape): “I suggest that you contact the Parliament, because I can assure you that in the short analysis we made it was mentioned that we used only the numbers till 31/12/2015. At that moment there was no audit of 2016 available. It was also decided that we would not contact you. All this is in the report…. There were no other numbers available than 2015. This was in November 2016….”

The European Parliament Bureau did not even consider the ADDE arguments during its decision meeting; they were not even distributed to the decision-takers. The Bureau is only composed of the European parties favourable to the present European organisation in the European hemicycle. Eurosceptial parties (more than 10% of the MEPs) are not represented. The Bureau in this instance clearly and purposefully lied in order to put the “Eurosceptical” alliance ADDE in difficulties.

At the same time, Ulrike Lunacek (Green – Austria) and Philippe Lamberts (Ecolo-Groen – Belgium) attacked the British UKIP MEPs while the Belgian Parti Populaire, was the object of a series of other “fake news” by another green MEP (Belgian MEP Bart Staes – Ecolo-Groen). The president of the Parti Populaire, Mischael Modrikamen was for example being accused of embezzlement of European funds in official declarations made by Mr. Bart Staes.

Articles were published in different newspapers and magazines, voicing the same accusations. Most of the “journalists” involved, collaborate on a platform called Apache, and are funded by the “Journalism Fund” (, where you find, among other sponsors, the “Open Society” ventures, belonging to George Soros. For 2016, the European Commission (ECPMF partnership) gave also 35,000 EUR to the Journalism fund. Mr. Soros’s organisations have been banned from Russia, are in the process of being banned from Hungary and other Central European countries, and the American Congress has launched an enquiry in the activities of George Soros in Europe. George Soros is nevertheless welcome in Brussels at the European Commission and parliament.

In reality, the “journalists” (Tom Cochez and Thomas Van de Put, both subsidized by transformed a technical discussion on eligible costs or not into the misappropriation and even embezzlement of European funds! Thomas Van de Put is exclusively dedicating his articles in Apache (16 articles) since the fall of 2016 to the alleged wrongdoings of Eurosceptical parties.

The cozy relationship between George Soros and the European Commission is evident through the numerous meetings (42 in 11 months in 2016) co-organized by the Commission and the “Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI), the EU policy arm of Mr. Soros’ foundation in Europe. Mr Soros clearly tries to influence European political decisions and succeeds at least to be heard. The period considered is “marred” for the Juncker’s Commission by Brexit, the rise of the Visegrad group and the migrants’ crisis.

The Parti Populaire sues MEP Bart Staes and journalists Tom Cochez and Thomas Van de Put before the Belgian civil courts for libel and slander.

The Parti Populaire has the clear impression of being treated as the new dissidents of an undemocratic Europe.


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